Service Department

Our Service Department

While all of our units are well built, they sometimes require a quick check, a little adjustment, or a simple repair. That is what our Service Department is here for!

At Recreation World RV it is our commitment to relieve you of your technical difficulties from the simplest to the most complicated of tasks.

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Did You Know...


  • exterior slide gaskets are rubber and should be conditioned every 3-4 months, they will harden if not conditioned regularly; slide rails also need to be cleaned and lubricated every 3-4 months.


  • jacks need to be cleaned and lubricated every 3-4 months to prevent dirt and debris from building up and working its way up into the jack assembly.


  • to achieve maximum performance and longer battery life, fluid levels in wet cell batteries should be topped-off at least once a month, both when the RV is in use and when it is stored - the posts/terminals should be cleaned every 12 months and an anti-corrosive spray applied.


  • the refrigerator, water heater and furnace have exterior burner assemblies - in these areas dirt, spider webs, mud dabber nests, bee/wasp nests, rust and debris develop and collect - this debris build-up poses fire hazard for you and your RV as well as bogs down the systems to eventually cause component failure within the system - we recommend these burner assemblies be cleaned out every 12 months at minimum - our appliance service also includes cleaning your stovetop burners and changing your interior a/c filters


  • clean your roof at least once a month, when dirt sits on the rooftop too long it embeds itself into the sealant causing voids to develop - inspect your rooftop sealant every 6 months for cracks and voids in the sealant, the sealant is applied around all of the rooftop objects and along all of the rooftop seams, including the radius which is the seam where the roof and coach sidewalls meet - when cracks develop it is a sign that the sealant is breaking down and when you see voids you know it's time to have the sealant removed and a new coat applied

Brake & Axle

  • every 12 months your brake shoes should be inspected, braking system tested for amp draw and brake wiring inspected - brakes adjusted to proper settings - wheel bearings inspected and repacked as necessary


  • manufacturers recommend that tires be replaced when they become 7 years old regardless of the condition they appear to be in from the outside, many come apart from areas not visible to us.

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